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This will not be a conflict to the show

Family Owned and Operated

Built Not Bought Since 2009



Summer Student Special $20 a month 24-7 Access two location

 Exp: August 31st

Must be a resident of Kauai and have a student ID.

We are excited to announce that Kauai Muscle and Fitness is bringing a top bodybuilding-bikini-physic-figure event from Oregon to Kauai. The new "Bill Pearl Kauai Muscle Classic NPC 2016". Follow us on FaceBook & Instagram for further announcements of "The Pearl" under Kauai Muscle and Fitness. Special thanks to uncle Bill & aunt Judy Pearl for your blessings, love & support. 

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KMF. Productions 

October 29th 2016 

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KMF Productions would like to announce that due to a high volume of inquiries for the Bill Pearl Kauai Muscle Classic we built a website for the event. We do have an official location and date for the show. An announcement will be made at he proper time. 
For information about The Pearl visit us at:
The website is still a work in progress. We will keep you updated with the latest details on our Kauai Muscle and Fitness Facebook page, KMF Instagram and of course at
In due time, we will also be having other sanctioned events, which will include a natural-bodybuilding-bikini-men's physique-women's physique, powerlifting, & strong man competition. All shows are still pending until we can solidify specific dates and times that work well with all the official head coordinators and head judges.